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Fidget Stickers are the original textured sticker! Featuring a unique texture, they are fun sensory stickers for anxiety to help keep you in the present moment and calm. Kids will love Fidget Stickers at school on their desks and laptops. Adults will love these sensory stickers on their water bottles and cell phones. Made with reusable adhesive that leaves no residue behind. 3” die cut shapes are fun and provide more surface area for rubbing, unlike strips.

  • The original high quality Fidget Stickers that started all the craze! 24 fun sensory stickers in a pack.

  • Made by a mom and her two sensory seeking daughters with autism in their small business workshop located in Utah.

  • Great for school desks or laptops to calm and focus. Also works as rewards in school stores.

  • Reusable adhesive with no residue. 3 inches on longest side - BIG die cut shapes.

  • Perfect mental health tool to be used with counseling, occupational, and autism sensory processing disorder therapies.

  • Gentle Texture not overpowering or rough. Will not irritate skin.


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